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TECHFILL DC Power Supply Equipment are designed and manufactured to meet the requirement of industrial application, with manufacturing facilities in USA and Asia, we aim to meet all DC needs in all the world. The main function of TECHFILL DC charger / rectifier systems are charges the battery, keeps it fully charged, and at the same time supplies a consumer connected in parallel.

TECHFILL Rectifier / Charger Hybrid Analogue and Digital system Main features:

industrial ac dc power systems
  • Automatic voltage control
  • Automatic current limiting
  • Thyristor ( SCR ) Controlled
  • Input and output surge protection
  • Soft start feature
  • Suitable for all kind of industrial Lead acid, NiCd and LiFepo4 batteries
  • Customize system available
  • Dual Microprocessor control with redundant feature
  • Remote monitoring via RS232, RS485/Modbus and TCP/IP etc
  • Designed according to IEC standard with full conformation

We manufacture the Hybrid line of rectifier / charger for industrial application. Rectifier is versatile with various application and are suitable for battery with Lead acid, Nickel cadmium and LiFePo4 chemistry.

Both analogue and digital is available up to 1200 Amps, in addition fusion of both analogue and digital are also make available.


TECHFILL Industrial Inverter

Developed specially for industrial use, the Techfill Inverters provide a safe, technically optimized and economical solution to industrial automation.

TECHFILL Inverters are used where only direct current is available but the user required alternating current. The inverter is a component of a mains-independent uninterruptable power supply which can be necessary for life in the event of an emergency.

System for a protected AC power supply consist essentially of the following:

• Rectifier equipment for battery charging and supply of the inverter where a general mains supply is present

• Batteries as energy storage units

• Inverters for converting a direct voltage to an alternating voltage

TECHFILL Industrial Inverter system Main features:

  • Industrial grade
  • Reliable input protection and short circuit protection
  • PWM technology using high frequency and high efficiency IGBT
  • True galvanic isolation
  • Customize system available
  • High MTBF